Please visit these other members of the Sacred Pools family:

Sharon Groom - singer/songwriter, open mic orchestrator, friend

Duff - indie-pop hipster (not a fictitious beer brand)

The Naked Trucker - hillbilly hip-hop and krazy komedy from possibly the nicest guy on the planet and his cohorts

Magnetic Oblivion - home of Thomas Chan, guitar player extraordinaire and all-around cool cat

Intimate Audio - required viewing/listening for guitarists and indie musicians, courtesy of the inimitable Dale Turner [Hint: if you look around this site, you might find a full-length TSP mp3 available for your downloading pleasure...]

Karma Coffeehouse - live music, real atmosphere, Kearns Nectar, plopped down inexplicably in the middle of Hollywood

Allison MacLeod - folk-tastic fun from some fine friends

Jared Barkan - rocking songs and must-be-heard-to-be-believed guitarifying, help make sure he doesn't move back to New York

The Sagers - RIP

and of