down in atlantis.


Headed out to the crystal sea
For an island getaway
How could I know it would be
Such a strange, unpleasant stay

Down in Atlantis
Everything's been going wrong
Down in Atlantis
I'm gonna drown if I stay down here for very long

Thought I'd find a blissful dream
But there was only lust and greed
I cashed out, but it would seem
That I can't leave until I bleed

Down in Atlantis
Can't escape my troubled past
Down in Atlantis
On shaky ground, I can tell my luck ain't gonna last

On the surface it's a golden shore
But underneath it's all a sham
I think I'd better take my leave before
They discover who I am

Tried to catch a mainland flight
But we were held back at the gate
We took off, things looked all right
But I was traveling with fate

Down in Atlantis
Took a chance and rolled the dice
Down in Atlantis
I'm doing time because I pushed my luck in Paradise

© 2001 Steven Sobelman. All Rights Reserved.