chasing after stars.


It's been a hundred and fifty nights
Since the last time I slept all right
And I think it's finally catching up to me
I've been trying to outrun
The smell of a smoking gun
But I guess there are just some things you can't forget
Instead of standing up to face my crime
I went off to hunt for treasure one last time

I've had my eyes on the prize for so long
That it became all that I could see
I got so wrapped up in chasing after stars
I couldn't tell that love was chasing me

I guess I'm the kind of man
Who does everything I can
To keep all of my business to myself
It's a heavy load I bear
But I've never thought to share
The burden that I carry through this world
Whenever something gets too close to me
I don't take the time to see what it might be

I've had my eyes…

I know I'm getting weary
I can see it in my walk
I can feel it my muscles
I can hear it when I talk
I can taste it on my breath
I can smell it on my clothes
Perhaps I need some company
On this journey that I chose

I won't give up the chase
But I might lighten up the pace
And take some time to stop and look around
I could turn and see
Right there next to me
Somebody's been waiting all along
Maybe with assistance from a friend
My treasure hunt might sooner reach its end

I've had my eyes…

I've had my eyes on the prize for so long
But it's time I took a respite from the race
Chasing after stars is a noble enterprise
But love's the only prize that's worth the chase
Love's the only prize that's worth the chase
© 2003 Steven Sobelman. All Rights Reserved.