just another cynic.


I’ve been jaded, I’ve been schooled
But it’s been so long since I’ve been fooled
I miss the magic that I lost with my youth
They drugged me, strapped me in
Then they listed off my every sin
Held my eyelids open and showed me the truth

Now I can read between the lines
I see the darkness ‘neath the shine
And where I once saw color, now I only can see shades of gray
I’m just another cynic who longs for some naivete

Is it the world, or is it me
And my hidden insecurity
That I can put the blame on for my current state
Or the women who broke my heart
And beguiled me with romantic art
Until I started trembling at the thought of a date

Now my heart is made of stone
I think I’m doomed to be alone
And my romantic notions have all faded into history
I’m just another cynic who’d like a little company

I try to tell myself I’m not unhappy
But I can only hide the truth from myself for so long
And I can’t help but to wonder
If maybe I did something wrong

On those dark nights, alone and cold
When I’m feeling prematurely old
That’s when I look around me and I shudder in fright
Is it too late? Is it true?
Is there really nothing I can do
To give my life back some of its wonder and light

Are all my bridges really burned?
Aren’t there still lessons to be learned?
You’ll either save or hang me, but we won’t know till you throw your rope
I’m just another cynic who’s searching for a ray of hope
I’m just another cynic who’s trying not to give up hope
© 1997 Steven Sobelman. All Rights Reserved.