driving song.


I drive around a lot
I like cars
I like to travel wide and far
I stay on freeways and I don’t go to bars
I spend time with my guitar
I’ve been to The City
I’ve been to New York
I think L.A. is still my home
But don’t try to come with me
Out on the road
I do my driving alone

I’m driving along in my automobile
Adventure at every turn
With no one to share my adventure with me
When will I learn?
When will I ever learn?

Drove into Hollywood
Around midnight
Saw a couple of glam boys in a fight
Got stuck in traffic
So I stopped for a bite
Some guy with a pen sat to my right
He said, Please don’t read my screenplay
You can watch it someday
It’ll make me famous
Well, it should
The waitress said, Can I help you?
She probably could
But I just said, Please check under my hood

Because I’m driving along…

I’m going nowhere I’m wasting away
I lose some sanity with each passing day
Yeah, I know it’s bad and I know how you feel
But I can’t tear myself from the wheel
© 1993 Steven Sobelman. All Rights Reserved.