Jacob is the penitent man
He gets his paper from the corner store
He licks his stamps because he likes the taste
He wishes God would send the Chief once more

I live across the street from Jacob
I toast his liveliness and drink to sleep
I make sure he is not dreaming
I know he has an important date to keep

He makes appointments up in Heaven
He makes deliveries to Hell
He cleans the liveries in Limbo
He knows his Bible and he knows it very, very well

Now Jacob rescues seven sorry sinners
He makes the coffee at eleven turkey dinners
He wipes the smiles off a group of greasy grinners
He holds a sweepstakes and determines all the winners

He makes appointments…

I keep an eye out for Jacob
I don't want to receive him unprepared
Because if Jacob pays a visit I'll be picking up the tab
So I'd better have my dishes clean and I'd better pack my bags

Now Jacob's standing on the corner
He likes to look at all the people passing by
He hopes to find the one he's after
He hopes she gets there soon so he can die
© 2001 Steven Sobelman. All Rights Reserved.